Marine Ingredients

Global demand for marine proteins and fatty acids is on the rise due to their essential nutritional benefits. As populations grow and dietary preferences evolve, there's a heightened need for sustainable sources of omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality proteins derived from marine sources like fish and algae.

Meeting these needs requires innovative solutions in aquaculture, sustainable fishing practices, and biotechnology to ensure food security and promote human health worldwide. With our broad knowledge of sea-based industries, it is only natural that we will continue to be a driving force within these industries.

A global player in the market for fishmeal and fish oil products.

The TripleNine Group comprises several productions, trading and sales companies in Denmark, Norway, and Chile. In total, the activities of the group cover more than 40 countries around the world. The core competencies of the companies comprise development, production, marketing and sale of fish meal and fish oil as animal feed ingredient for the aquaculture, agriculture and petfood market segments.

Some 250 employees across four continents from a wide range of nationalities are employed in TripleNine Group A/S. To the extent possible, local nationals are hired in the respective countries to develop the industry in that region and create growth in the local community.

The headquarters of TripleNine Group A/S are in Esbjerg, Denmark.

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