Koppernæs has strong ties to Norway’s maritime and marine industries, both historically and geographically. We have also been involved with and affiliated to companies within the infrastructure industries for many decades.




Future Growth

Green issues are important now but the future is blue. Population growth, climate change and endangered ecosystems mean that effective and sustainable marine industries are vital to future growth. The global demand for protein has never been bigger and is on the increase. We can only speculate if this was something Hans Petter Koppernæs would have predicted because fish food, fish oil and the processing of marine resources have always been key areas for Koppernæs. With our broad knowledge of the ocean based industries then it is only natural that this will continue to be one of our main areas. Megatrends indicate that effective systems within infrastructure will be important for the future and is another focus area for Koppernæs.

Target Groups

Ocean and infrastructure industries are our main focus for the period ahead. It is therefore natural that we focus on companies within these sectors when considering proactive ownership.