Future growth

Green issues are important now but the future is blue. Population growth, climate change and endangered ecosystems mean that effective and sustainable marine industries are vital to future growth. The global demand for protein has never been bigger and is on the increase. We can only speculate if this was something Hans Petter Koppernæs would have predicted because fish food, fish oil and the processing of marine resources have always been key areas for Koppernæs. With our broad knowledge of the ocean based industries then it is only natural that this will continue to be one of our main areas. Megatrends indicate that effective systems within infrastructure will be important for the future and is another focus area for Koppernæs. Our ownership of Tingstad is already creating an important platform for our future growth in this area.


Tingstad is one of the largest Specialists in fastening and sealing solutions in Norway.

Tingstad supplies all sectors and disciplines and develops solutions for multinational companies to lone tradesmen. Our deliveries should be as reliable as our products. Our company was established in 1884 as a shipping supplier. To survive in the industry 130 years ago, companies had to think clearly and adopt a long-term approach. Ships were away for months at a time, and they needed everything from extra sails to shaving soap. “Sorry, out of stock” was not a response captains were happy with. Full control over what was in stock, where it was located and how long it would take to replenish the shelves was absolutely crucial. The world has changed a lot since then, but the lessons we learnt back in 1884 still ring true today. http://tingstad.no  



TripleNine Group

A global player in the market for fishmeal and fish oil products.

The TripleNine Group comprises a number of production, trading and sales companies in Denmark, Norway, Chile, China and Mauritania. 
In total, the activities of the group cover more than 40 countries around the world. The core competencies of the companies comprise development, production, marketing and sale of fish meal and fish oil as animal feed ingredient for the aquaculture, agriculture and petfood market segments. The production of fish oil for human consumption is targeted the dietary supplements (fish oil capsules) segment.

Some 250 employees across four continents from a wide range of nationalities are employed in TripleNine Group A/S. To the extent possible, local nationals are hired in the respective countries in order to develop the industry in that particular region and create growth in the local community.

The headquarters of TripleNine Group A/S are located in Esbjerg, Denmark. https://www.999.dk/



Nordic Fastening Group

Everything you need when it comes to fasteners and connections.

We provide you with all types of fasteners and connections – everything from basic joints with screws, bolts or nuts, to connections with threaded sleeves, threaded bars, tension rods or fasteners for steel construction. In addition to our extensive range comprising approximately 30,000 articles, we also produce customized connections, either modified or completely newly designed, for your special projects. Quality is a good foundation for trust. We maintain high levels of quality and expertise among our personnel, both in the way we work within the company and naturally when it comes to all the fasteners we manufacture. We increase profitability for Swedish industrial companies. With high levels of expertise and service, we offer tailored business and product solutions to meet all kinds of connection needs. http://nfgab.se/